2022: A Year of Triumphs and Breakthroughs in Optometry

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Optometry Advisor looks back at some of the top stories of 2022.

In 2022, optometrists saw legislative victories in Virginia — where optometrists can now perform YAG laser capsulotomies, selective laser trabeculoplasties, and laser peripheral iridotomies — and Colorado — where ODs can now perform those laser procedures, as well as removal and biopsy of some eyelid lesions, incision and curettage of a chalazion, and simple eyelid laceration repair.1,2 Primary eye care clinicians have also seen defeats, such as in California, where a similar bill was vetoed by the governor.3 

The research side of eye care also had an eventful year, with evolving management options for myopia, meibomian gland dysfunction, presbyopia, Demodex, and postoperative vision care. 

All these advancements and challenges were covered by Optometry Advisor in its first full year. As more clinical experts have discovered the site’s independent voice and dedication to serving the optometric community, more have joined the cause and helped keep Optometry Advisor comprehensive, up-to-date, and engaging. There’s still time to join us (sign up for our free, daily curated  newsletter here). Here’s just a sample of what Optometry Advisor had to offer in 2022. 

1. Presbyopia Drops in the Pipeline for 2023
2. Pearls of Vision: Managing Meibomian Glands
3. Comprehensive coverage of the research presented at the AAO 2022
4. Building a Myopia Management Practice: Tips From an Expert
5. How Will An FDA-Cleared Online Eye Exam Affect Patients and Clinicians?
6. Corneal Crosslinking: How Optometrists Can Prepare Patients for Success
7. Conquer Allergic Eye Disease Challenges in Patients Who Wear Contact Lenses
8. White Dot Syndromes Series Part 4: Birdshot Chorioretinopathy
9. A Clinician’s Guide to Peripheral Iridotomy
10. Optometry Dx: Gone Without A Flash

The editorial staff wishes to thank all the optometrists who have taken the time to share their expertise through the site, as well as those who faithfully read it. We already have so many exciting projects underway for 2023 and, along with them, opportunities for optometrists to share their expertise and build their skills. We hope you’ll take advantage of all Optometry Advisor has to offer.


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