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The web is full of fun finds and interesting insights. Here’s some recommended reading from Cheryl Murphy, OD.

In this inaugural edition of “This Caught My Eye,” Ophthalmology Advisor and Optometry Advisor offers ophthalmic and optometric influencers the opportunity to share some of the studies, news, and views they’re reading across the internet. 

Here, New York State-based optometrist and science writer Cheryl Murphy, OD, scours social media feeds and shares her curated reading list. These links highlight new findings and celebrate the value of everyone who works in an eye clinic. 

No Pressure

The lamina cribrosa curve changes after reductions in intraocular pressures, even in patients with normal tension glaucoma; and the younger they are, the more it changes, according to:

Drink Up! 

While coffee can be dehydrating, it and other caffeinated beverages do not necessarily increase your risk of dry eye!

A Real Eye-Opener

An ocular health scare gave a writer a new perspective on life and the silent, sometimes hidden, struggles we all face. Read about his journey in this New York Times Opinion article.

Tech Savvy

Working with a well-trained tech can make you feel like you’ve assembled a “dream team” of productivity. The American Optometric Association (AOA) stresses the importance of Paraoptometric Technician Certification as the scope of optometry continues to grow.

Hubble in Trouble

I am a firm believer in taking the time to try different contact lenses until you find the one that is right for each unique patient based on your measurements and calculations, a detailed patient history, their subjective performance opinion of the comfort and vision of the lenses, and what we as clinicians see upon careful evaluation and/or follow-ups. It saddens me to think that some companies are doing what I consider a disservice to the public, which can also turn into something dangerous to their eye health.

Pandemic Leaves Some Shortsighted

Eye care professionals have seen studies that reflect an increase in myopia, especially in children these past 2 years. Some representatives are calling on the CDC to finally acknowledge and help combat the issue.

An Eye for Art

Recently, on Instagram, I found an eye doctor who is not only an optometrist and professor but also an artist. After splurging on some pins I simply could not pass up, I have also developed an appreciation for her drawings and other artwork, which are kind of goth, punk, and optometry intertwined. She also makes eye anatomy coloring books.

Check out her store on Etsy

And her Instagram:

Cheryl G. Murphy, OD, practices at Sachem Eye Care, affiliated with Lion Eye Group, in Lake Ronkonkoma, New York. She also serves the eye care community as a science and medical writer.

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