Preparation Brand Route Onset
insulin Afrezza1 Rx oral inh 12 0.5–1 1.5–4.5 human
insulin aspart Fiasp2 Rx SC, IV4, CSII 2.5 1.5–2 5–7 human
Novolog2 Rx SC, IV4, CSII 10−20 1–3 3−5 human
insulin glulisine Apidra3 Rx SC, IV4, CSII ≤15 1 2−4 human
insulin lispro Admelog3 Rx SC, IV4, CSII ≤15 2 <6 human
Humalog3 Rx SC, IV4,5, CSII5 ≤15 0.5−1.5 3−5 human
insulin regular Humulin R U-1001 OTC SC, IV4 30 2–4 6–8 human
Humulin R U-5001 Rx SC 30 4–8 24 human
Novolin R2 OTC SC, IV4 30 1.5–2.5 8 human
insulin isophane suspension (NPH) Humulin N1 OTC SC 60−120 6–12 18−24 human
Novolin N2 OTC SC 60–120 4–12 up to 24 human
insulin aspart protamine/ insulin aspart Novolog Mix 70/302 Rx SC 10−20 1.8−3.6 up to 24 human
insulin isophane suspension (NPH)/ insulin regular Humulin 70/301 OTC SC 30–90 1.5–6.5 18−24 human
Novolin 70/302 OTC SC 30 2−12 up to 24 human
insulin lispro protamine/ insulin lispro Humalog Mix 50/503 Rx SC ≤15 1−5 11–22 human
Humalog Mix 75/253 Rx SC ≤15 1−6 13−22 human
insulin degludec Tresiba2 Rx SC 60 none ≥42 human
insulin detemir Levemir2 Rx SC 60 none up to 24 human
insulin glargine Basaglar3 Rx SC 60 none ≥24 human
Lantus3 Rx SC 60 none ≥24 human
Toujeo3 Rx SC 360 none 24–120 human

Key: CSII = continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion; inh = inhalation; IV = intravenous infusion; SC = subcutaneous inj


1 Recombinant (using E. coli)

2 Recombinant (using S. cerevisiae)

3 Recombinant human insulin analogue (using E. coli)

4 IV to be used in a clinical setting under proper medical supervision

5 IV and CSII administration for Humalog U-100 only.


The time course of action of insulin and insulin analogs may vary considerably in different individuals or within the same individual. All times are approximate. The parameters of insulin activity (time of onset, peak time and duration) should be considered only as general guidelines. Onset for injectable formulations is always for the SC route. Injectable insulins listed are available in a concentration of 100Units/mL; Humulin R, in a concentration of 500Units/mL for SC injection only, is available by prescription from Lilly for insulin resistant patients who are hospitalized or under close medical supervision.


Not an inclusive list of medications and/or dosing instructions. Please see drug monograph at and/or contact company for full drug labeling.

(Rev. 6/2020)