Lice and Scabies Treatments

Lice and Scabies Treatments


All products should be applied and removed exactly as directed.
A nit comb must be used to physically remove head lice and nits after treatment.

Generic Brand Form Notes
benzyl alcohol 5% Ulesfia Rx lotion Treatment of head lice. Avoid contact with eyes.
<6mos: Not recommended.
≥6mos: Apply sufficient amount to dry hair to completely saturate scalp and hair. After 10min, thoroughly rinse off with water. Repeat after 7 days. Wash hands after application.
Sklice Rx lotion Treatment of head lice. Avoid contact with eyes.
<6mos: Not recommended.
≥6mos: Apply sufficient amount (up to 1 tube) to thoroughly coat the hair and scalp. After 10min, thoroughly rinse off with water.
lindane 1% Rx shampoo Treatment of resistant head and pubic lice; not for prophylactic use or Norwegian (crusted) scabies.
<110lbs: Not recommended.
For single application only; do not reapply. Average hair length: 30mL; max 60mL. Apply to clean dry hair; lather and leave on for 4mins only, then rinse. Wear gloves when applying; avoid other unnecessary exposure. Potential toxicities: seizures, aplastic anemia, renal disorders.
malathion 0.5% Ovide Rx lotion Treatment of head lice. For use on scalp only.
<6yrs: Not established.
Apply to dry hair and scalp until thoroughly wet. Let hair dry naturally. Shampoo and rinse after 8–12hrs; remove dead lice and eggs with nit comb. May repeat once after 7–9 days.
permethrin 1% Nix OTC cream rinse Treatment of head lice.
<2mos: Not recommended.
Apply and saturate on washed and towel-dried hair and scalp. Leave on for 10mins, then rinse. Remove nits with provided comb. Repeat after 7 days if live lice are evident.
Caution: Ragweed allergy.
piperonyl butoxide/pyrethrum extract RID Lice Killing Shampoo OTC shampoo Treatment of head, body and pubic lice. Not for lice in eyebrows or eyelashes. Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes.
<2yrs: Consult physician.
Apply thoroughly to dry hair or other affected area. After 10min, add water to form lather then rinse thoroughly; towel dry. Pubic lice: treat consorts also. Must repeat in 7–10 days.
spinosad 0.9% Natroba Rx topical 
Treatment of head lice. Avoid contact with eyes.
<6mos: Not recommended.
≥6mos: Apply to dry scalp and hair until adequately covered; use up to 120mL (one bottle). Leave on for 10 mins, then rinse off thoroughly with warm water. May repeat after 7 days if needed. Wash hands after application.
LiceMD OTC gel To eliminate lice, eggs and nits from head and body hair. Dye- and pesticide-free. Use provided comb to remove lice, eggs and nits. Shampoo with warm water. Inspect hair for 10 days. Repeat as needed.
crotamiton 10% Eurax Rx cream or emollient-base lotion Reapply after 24hrs.
permethrin 5% Rx cream One application is usually effective; may repeat in 14 days if living mites are still present.
Caution: pyrethrins, pyrethroids, or chrysanthemum allergy.

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(Rev. 11/2019)