Water-Inviting Surface Technology Boosts Comfort in Lenses for Astigmatism

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New silicone hydrogels for astigmatism have integrated water surface technology and UV protection for physically active wearers.

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Contact lens wearers with astigmatism may be less likely to discontinue use if their lenses are easy to fit and orient, settle on the eye quickly, and are comfortable for longer periods of time. A new lens, Precision1® for Astigmatism (Alcon) has recently been introduced, along with a study surveying patients and clinicians in four European countries.1

Results of the survey are presented in a research poster at the American Academy of Optometry Annual Meeting in Boston, November 3-6. 

Study participants wore the daily disposables for 2 weeks, 8 hours or more each day. Questionnaires were then completed by the 245 patients, average age 35 years, 64% women. Results indicated patient satisfaction; 94% agreed or strongly agreed with the statement that lenses were easy to place on the eye, and 86% agreed they were “easy to handle.” Clear distance vision was experienced by 90% during activities such as biking, driving, or watching TV, and 90% reported lenses were compatible with an active lifestyle.

Smartsurface® technology is a manufacturing process that uses a sequence of liquid baths with water-attracting polymers, such as polyacrylic acid (PAA). This process creates a thin layer on the lens’ surface which increases moisture level to more than 80%, stepped up from the core moisture of 51%. The lenses also incorporates UV protection.2,3

Survey respondents described the contacts as comfortable — 87% agreed they could wear them throughout the day, and 85% indicated the lenses offered “long-lasting comfort.” Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency (TURF) analysis demonstrated the best-performing combination of attributes with “strongly agree” responses involved factors of comfort, clear distance vision, and willingness to recommend the lenses to family and friends.

Thirty-five eye care professionals also completed this survey. Clinicians agreed or strongly agreed that they trusted the new lenses, with 96% expressing confidence in Precision1 for Astigmatism wear for patients who need to wear contacts for “long days” or have “on-the-go lifestyles.” Also, 91% of clinicians reported the lenses featured uncomplicated fit and worked well for patients with astigmatism.

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Disclosure: This research was supported by Alcon, Inc. Please see the original reference for a full list of disclosures.


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