Suspended, Translating Contact Lens Improves Vision in Patients With Presbyopia

Patients with presbyopia can be fit with a soft contact lens that improves visual acuity and maintains comfort.

A novel soft, suspended translating contact lens provides excellent near visual acuity (VA) and adequate comfort for patients with presbyopia, according to research presented at the American Academy of Optometry 2022 annual meeting, held in San Diego, CA from October 26 to 29.

Melissa Bailey, OD, Heidi Wagner, OD, and Joseph Barr, OD, reported findings from an investigation conducted to determine the best design and fit for this novel lens with discrete optics. The lens includes a raised feature in its superior portion above the lid wiper that suspends it from inside the upper eyelid ﹘ allowing it to stay in position while the eye looks downward through the bifocal region’s optics.

The researchers fit individuals with presbyopia (n=30; age range, 40-58 years) and participants who did not have presbyopia (n=20; age range, 18-40 years) with the lens in both a steep and flat base curve radius. All lenses were plano with a +1.50 add power. Participants underwent topography measurements to obtain simulated keratometry values and horizontal visible iris diameter. Both lenses were imaged on-eye to determine the maximum translation of the eye during a final fitting. Patients with presbyopia underwent intermediate and near VA testing wearing their distance prescription in a trial frame over the contact lens. Participants reported ocular comfort on a scale from 0 to 100 (0, poor; 100, excellent).

Overall, participants achieved at least 2 mm of lens translation with a 15.0 mm optimal overall diameter lens with both base curve radii. Mean horizontal visible iris diameter was 11 mm among the cohort and translation peaked at 4.5 mm. Less than 2 mm was frequently achieved with a 15.5 mm optimal overall diameter.

Patients with presbyopia were able to achieve mean intermediate and near VAs of -0.02 and 0.02, respectively while wearing the lenses.

Mean comfort score was 85.68 and individuals with meibomian gland capping experienced less comfort (range, 30-75). 

According to the presenters, the novel design “was successfully fitted in a diverse group of 50 participants. The desired translational effect was achieved with excellent near visual acuity in presbyopic participants.”


Bailey M, Wagner H, Barr J. Design and fitting of a new translating soft suspended contact lens. Poster presented at: American Academy of Optometry 2022; October 26-29, 2022; San Diego, CA.